The Two Adventures of Tom Duck and Harry

The First Adventure of Tom Duck and Harry

The first strip in the first adventure of Tom Duck and Harry:  Tom broaches the idea to Harry.

"So, Harry, for all the time you spend looking out over this scene, have you ever thought about exploring the valley?"
"What?  And possibly leave the sacred precincts of Gozaimasu Township?"
And with this simple repartee the first adventure of Tom and Harry begins, including a tour of the lake, Pine Island, West Lake City, Gozaimasu, and an eventful return to Cow Manor.

(Unfortunately, only six of the eleven "days" that Tom and Harry spend adventuring have been posted so far.)

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The Alaskan Adventure of Tom Duck and Harry


"Tom, the weatherman said we can see the Aurora Borealis here once in a while...  What is it?"

That innocent question sets the boys off to see the Northern Lights!  Along the way they discover new sights, brave a terrible storm, make new friends, escape death and destruction, and, perhaps most importantly, visit the Corn Palace!

(Like the first adventure, this series is only partially posted, because it is still ongoing; check back regularly for updates.)

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+++ The First Adventure of Tom Duck and Harry +++

+++ The Alaskan Adventure of Tom Duck and Harry +++

Menu of Days

This adventure is still ongoing!  Strips will be added from time to time.  The cartoonist has no idea what's going to happen day to day or in the long run, just as he has no idea when he starts a strip what is going to happen in each succeeding panel.


Day 1 - On the Road Again
Day 2 - Into the Storm
Day  3 - The Rat Bat Underground
Day 4 - The Corn Palace
Day 5 - Devil's Tower and Beyond
Day 6 - Good Night, Irene

Day 7 - Parcs Canada

Day 8 - Their Bear to Cross

Day 9 - North on the Cassiar