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The Department of Farmland Security

Want more information on the Department of Farmland Security (DFS)?  Look no further, because DFS is not mentioned elsewhere in Tom Duck and Harry.  DFS is just another stupid play on words, so you won't find anything more than you can see in this logo.  To wit, or half wit...

  • That is poison ivy in the duck's right foot, as evidenced by the warning "Leaves of three, let it be", with 13 leaves and 13 berries

  • Those are 13 skyrockets in the left foot

  • E Pluribus Quackum might mean "From many, quackum", whatever that means

  • The symbols on the shield represent a farm and a furrowed field

  • The 22 stars might or might not mean anything - You could contact the Department of Homeland Security's (DHS) Office of Public Affairs and ask about their logo, which bears an uncanny resemblance to ours, except theirs has "U.S." on it, whereas ours better not. 


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