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A Return to the Dark Ages of One and One Half Wits Dot Com

Within the limits of this website builder, this section is a reconstruction of the original One and One Half Wits Dot Com, which was created in the opening years of the twenty-first century.  It was authored in learn-as-you-go HTML as part of an ill-conceived effort to meet the requirements of a series of night-school classes toward the attainment of a certificate in web design.  The website was created and the certificate was obtained, but the public interest was not served in the interim.  Scroll down to see the contents for this section.

STURGEON GENERAL'S WARNING:  Smoking fish may be hazardous to their health. 

OUR LAWYER'S WARNING:  One and One Half Wits Dot Com and all its material copyright © 2001-2019, David Mudrick, with or without Fred Herring & Associates

All rights and wrongs reserved

OUR WARNING:  Read the entrance graphic; consider yourself warned!  

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Contents - A Tour de Farce


Con-tents...  cons and tents...?  Never mind.

"What you see us what you get...   unless you don't get it!"  [in other words, clicking this picture will get you here.]

Hohum Page


There's no place like home.

The usual home page mumbo jumbo--mission, legal, privacy statements, etc.--with a twist 

The Fred Herring Story


Fred Herring, by his son, Jesse

 A Poor Trait of the Artist as a Young Man

Read a long excerpt from the short autobiography of Fred Herring, our flounder 

A Witless Sampler


  "Sweets for the sweet... and nuts for the nut"

 - Elsie Mudrick to her younger son

An assorted, sordid collection of original cartoons, Flash® animation, verbiage, and garbiage, by Fred Herring 

"Get Thee to a Punnery!"


"Get thee to a nunnery" - Hamlet, the Dane

"Get thee to a punnery!" - Fred, the Herring

 The best of the worst  [punographic material, not recommended for the faint of stomach]  

The National Conspirer


You just can't be too careful whom you trust for sensationalist information these days! 

The inside dope on crop circles, legendary terrors, and White House scandals, from this rag's staff of inside dopes  



And you thought spiked hair was so 90s.

 Yearning for Evidence of 

Terrestrial Intelligence

Join the search for meaning on the AM radio band and other quixotic quests



The devil is in the details.

Material not yet consigned to its own private hell 



E.T., email home!

 Check out the sails page; send us an e-mail; fill out our survey; see what our reader(s) has to say. 

The Garden of Earthly Delights - and Bugs



 Giant moths and a short treatise on flying shrimp; don't worry, they won't be back for another 17 years [when this was written]. 

This Way to the Egress


Relive P.T. Barnum's parting shot, after which you can REgress...  if you buy another ticket.

Still don't understand?  Clicking the picture should make it clear, or look up "egress" in the dictionary.  You won't find "gullible".

Tom Duck and Harry - Ohio Gothic


"Psst, Harry, that's supposed to be a pitch fork, not a manure fork!"


 "Years in the making; seconds to realize something has gone terribly, terribly wrong!"

 - Fred Herring  [Click the picture to go there.]