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Mission, Vision, Whatever Statement  -  "To boldly go where no pun was intended..."

One and One Half Wits is the work of Fred Herring and Associates, a non-profit (as opposed to not-for-profit) organization  dedicated to the proposition that all humor is not created equal; in  fact, we wonder why some of it was created at all.

Our aim is to provide entertainment that is ironic, subtle  (HA!), gentle, healing, and inoffensive. Help for the humor impaired is  available through Contact,  where you may request an explanation of any of the content. (You might  not receive an intelligible reply, but that's another matter as our  webmaster is chuckle-challenged, himself.)  

If you enjoy this  site, our existence is justified. If you mention us to others, so much  the better. If you steal this material without proper attribution, our  lawyers will be in touch....

Legal Statement  -  A single lawyer in a town will starve to death, but two lawyers will both live comfortably.  Also, any resemblance between the  contents of this website and reality is purely coincidental.   Nevertheless, all content herein is the property of Fred Herring and Associates.  As Fred is fond of saying, "It may be crap, but it's our crap."

Privacy Statement  -  Try closing your blinds at night before undressing.

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