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Apologia and Backstory

Tom Duck and Harry has or have been stewing for over 50 years - mainly because their cartoonist couldn't  draw ducks or pigs, so at this point what you see is what you get...  or don't get.  The website began as an addition to Fred Herring's website  (See below for the sad story of that seamy underbelly of the internet.)  This website,, contains selections from March 2004 on, during which time most of the strips were drawn while the cartoonist was commuting to work by bus and subway.  That could explain the inconsistency in the drawings and the shaky line work, but it's really just his inability to draw ducks and pigs.  Either way, check out our eponymous heroes below in daily gag format (A TD&H Sampler) or as a continuing strip (The First Adventure of TD&H or The Alaskan Adventure of TD&H).


Tom Duck, a denizen of New York City's Central Park, has tired of the rat race.  He recalls his great-grandfather's tales of the Great Plains and the vast flocks of migratory waterfowl that blackened the sky and whitened the earth.  So Tom flies west to find a new life, crossing the Hudson and New Jersey, where he begins to tire near the Pennsylvania border.  Alighting atop a westbound Greyhound, he dozes off as the bus rolls on into the twilight.  He awakens to dawn's early light and  disembarks to scrounge breakfast, only to find himself on the outskirts  of the hamlet of Gozaimasu,** Ohio, "population 756 last time we  checked."  A short flight into the hills southwest of town brings him to Cow Manor, a small farm run by African-American farmer Al MacDonald and his wife, Ellie.  There, deep in the bowels of southern Ohio, Tom finds a new home, new adventures, and new friends, in  particular his buddy-to-be, Harry (a pig).


**Pronounced GOHZ-EYE-EE-MAHS

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Early History

Learn about the early appearances of Tom Duck and Harry, including...

  • The founding Pun - "Tom Duck and Harry"
  • Tom, a Duck, and Harry, a... uh... hmmm
  • The University Daze

The Gozaimasu, Ohio, Story

Get the answers to questions like...  

  • Why was this charade set in Ohio, of all places? 
  • Why southern Ohio, in particular?
  • And where the heck is Gozaimasu?

A Tom Duck and Harry Sampler

Daily format gag strips from March 2004 on.  (They didn't appear daily, just at the cartoonist's whim.  After all, this whole enterprise was just for his own amusement.)

The Two Adventures of Tom Duck and Harry - The First and the Current (Alaskan)

Tom and Harry explore the environs of Cow Manor, including Pine Island and its legendary history, West Lake City, and a long buried secret tied to Gozaimasu.  Uh, wait, that last part was never published by the cartoonist (but might be prevailed upon to do so some day). 

Years after not publishing the remaining five days of the First Adventure of Tom Duck and Harry, our cartoonist sends them on another adventure, this time to Alaska (still in progress).

Tom Duck and Harry's Alaska Connection

Prior to their setting off on their new adventure to Alaska, our heroes had an indirect connection to that state through their cartoonist's own adventures.

Seasonal Message

We were going to have German bread for Christmas, but it was stollen. 

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"Who's Responsible for this Travesty?!"


Not These Guys!

Neither Dewey nor Truman can be blamed for this mess of a website, but oddly enough, the election referenced in the picture took place in November 1948, the same year earlier in which our perpetrator was born.  As you can figure out for yourself, that was during the last year of President Franklin Roosevelt's fourth term, albeit being executed by Truman following Roosevelt's death in 1945.  So you might questionably say that our f(l)ounder has lived during the presidencies of Franklin Roosevelt, Thomas Dewey (albeit for a brief three-hour period in Chicago), Harry Truman, Dwight Eisenhower, John Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, George Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Barack Obama, and Donald Trump.  We'll leave it up to you to add "but not least" or its opposite to any of these.  [Suffice it to say that several of these have been nominated to appear on the three-dollar bill, as in "as phony as a...".  Your choices are probably directly related to your political leanings or ideology.  Independents have a larger pool to consider.]

For now the guilty party has chosen to remain agnonymous (meaning he doesn't believe in himself), but if you're still interested in identifying him, you might find some parallels between his life story and that of Fred Herring, the f(l)ounder of One and One Half Wits Dot Com, which has been incorporated elsewhere in this website - or you can simply look at the phaked photograph or the copyright notice at the bottom of this page.

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Close your blinds at night before undressing.

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